Thanks for installing PokeQuiz! Below are the instructions for using PokeQuiz if you have any questions or experience any issues feel free to contact me via the support email

Inviting PokeQuiz

After you install PokeQuiz a bot named pokequiz will be added to the workspace. By mentioning the bot or messaging the app directly you can trigger quiz based commands. To mention the bot just type @pokequiz. Before you can mention pokequiz you will need to invite the bot to your channel. You can invite pokequiz through two methods. The first method is mentioning pokequiz and then slackbot if enabled will as you if you wish to invite them. Click invite them and you will then be able to mention pokequiz Or you can open the sidebar of the channel and click invite more people.


After pokequiz has been invited to a channel you can ask for some help just by mentioning pokequiz along with the word help. For example you could say @pokequiz help me!. pokequiz will then give you some simple instructions. This may save you some time instead of having to continuously visit this page.

Starting a Quiz

After pokequiz has been invited to a channel you can start your first quiz. To initiate a quiz with pokequiz just mention the bot with the words quiz in it. For example you could say @pokequiz quiz time or @pokequiz let's do a quiz!. After this your quiz will begin!

Answering a Question

Answering a question is very simple. All you need to do do is click the button which corresponds to the correct answer’s number. If you are correct or incorrect pokequiz will tell you and update the previous question with the incorrect and correct answers. You can then choose to play again and get another question if you like.


In a similar way to starting a quiz you can request pokequiz to show you the current leaderboard in the channel. Each time you answer correctly you get 1 point each incorrect answer takes away one point. To show th leaderboard this mention pokequiz with the word leaderboard. For example you could say @pokequiz show me the leaderboard. After this your channels leaderboard will be shown. Please note that this will mention each user on the leaderboard.


Each time you answer a question correctly your streak increases by one. Whenever you answer a question incorrectly this resets your streak and you will be informed of the streak you lost. You also get a special message whenever you reach a multiple of 10 or 100 of your streak.