PokeQuiz is your Slack teams personal quiz bot for Pokemon! PokeQuiz can ask you hundreds of questions and you can even submit your own on Github. Compete with your team to find out who is the real Pokemon master!

You can use PokeQuiz to have a live quiz battle with your team directly in slack. Interact with the buttons of PokeQuiz to submit your answers and compete with your teammates on the team leaderboard. Keep a streak of correct answers to show off to your teammates your Pokemon skill. For information on how to use PokeQuiz view the guide.

Submitting Questions

Sorry this is unreleased as of right now but will be released soon! If you want send me an email with your questions and i will add them

Think my questions suck? Why don’t you submit your own! You can submit your own questions by visiting the slack-quizdata github repo and raising a pull request. There are instructions on how to a do this in that repository under docs.

PokeQuiz Open Source

As of this time the code for the PokeQuiz itself is not open sourced. Mostly due to the fact it’s a little bit of a hack job right now. I hope to release it ASAP. When I do I will update this.

Pokemon Trademarks

I do not own any Pokemon Trademarks and this is purely a fan project with no intention of monetary gain. I only do this because I love Pokemon. Any questions please contact me. Below are The Pokemon Companies trademarks.

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Slack Affiliation

pokequiz is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc.